New Jersey Civil Rights and Liberties Law Firm

"Life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness"

Freedom, liberty, and independence: These are the promises and the lure of the American dream.  People around the world come to America seeking the golden ring of life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness.  America may be the land of opportunity, but the instrument that preserves our fiercely independent way of life is our Constitution—and those who uphold its terms—the lawyers—are its heroes.

JUSTICE is the bottom line

At the law office of D. Gayle Loftis, our philosophy is simple: "Justice is the bottom line."  Our attorneys and staff are knowledgeable and experienced, powerful and aggressive defenders of the rights of those whose civil rights or personal freedoms have been violated.  We handle cases involving—

Restoring dignity in the workplace

People suffering workplace injuries are made to feel inadequate and powerless when confronted with lawyers and reams of documents presented by employers during litigation.   We take our clients under our wing, making sure that they are not abused by their employers and that the playing field is better leveled.  We dignify your claims by organizing your facts to best demonstrate and support your contentions that certain events have happened and resulted in injury to you.

Standing up for the common man

This law firm exists for one purpose: To protect those who cannot protect themselves against individuals and businesses who are more financially solvent and economically powerful.  To that end, we take on constitutional law, personal injury, and workers compensation cases at no upfront cost to you—we take your case to trial and we only get paid if you receive a settlement or money judgment. Under New Jersey law, you cannot be charged for an attorney's time for workers compensation matters.  For workers compensation matters, the Compensation Court will assess any attorney's fees that are awarded and has the right to apportion part of the fees to the employer or carrier.  Constitutional and discrimination matters are not governed by that law, and the firm would require you to pay monies toward a retainer to be used for future advances and costs, but not fees.  We will work with you in a manner by which you may reach the required retainer amount, or reduce fees depending on the scope of the case.  Consultations are charged $350 for each hour of legal consultation, though we may reduce our fees depending on the scope of the case.  No upfront costs are requested of personal injury matters.

Whether it is a civil rights, constitutional law, personal injury, or workers compensation case, if we lose the case, you pay us nothing for our time—our only consolation is that we backed a just cause—your cause.

Giving the people a voice

Our attorneys welcome the opportunity to fight on behalf of the working man and woman, against institutions large or small in and around Bergen and Hudson Counties.  We don’t back down from litigation simply because the other party is represented by high-priced lawyers, carriers, or government agencies. To schedule a consultation, call us at (201) 289-8904 or email us to schedule a face-to-face appointment.

From offices located in Hackensack, we proudly serve Bergen and Hudson Counties.