Client Testimonials

Credible.  Personable.  Honest.

"If I had to identify three (3) reasons why clients should choose D. Gayle Loftis Esq. for their attorney, I would indicate she is an attorney who is:

1. Credible –

The name “D. Gayle Loftis, Esq.” speaks for itself. I have known her specifically for labor and employment law and she is known to some as the “bulldog” [for temperament] which to me is a term of endearment with all due respect.  “Stubborn as a bulldog” meaning she does not back down to employers who has or have not been fair to employees.  She will fight without giving up.  Other lawyers respect her.  For example, one (male lawyer) informed me to see/contact her when I had a problem with my agency.  He [the lawyer] was correct. Gayle has brought satisfaction to me with my problem (s). Without her I would not have been reinstated to employment.  Her case history and past clients, whom I do know, have also made referrals to her as well, because Gayle has done an outstanding job with their case (s).  Other employees have come to me at times due to “word of mouth” of Gayle wanting her office telephone number.  In fact, even defendants in her cases have later sought her services.  She has an outstanding reputation and such a high level of credibility that even where some employees have paid money yearly to their union for a list of lawyers to represent the employees, some employees still request Gayle for assistance.  I went to a lawyer on above mentioned listing office for consultation.  But immediately requested Gayle after visit.  What a difference!  I felt comfortable with her.  She is unique.  She is in no way political and does not have an agenda.  Her office brings the same feeling of family and warmth to the office that Gayle does.  They over extend themselves when asked to help or to answer a question.

2. Personable –

Gayle has a way of making you feel beyond client/lawyer.  She is very pleasant and listens.  For example, when I was suspended and eventually terminated, she called to check on me.  She gave me the strength to not give up.  I spoke more to Gayle than my family and friends when I had been humiliated and embarrassed by my employer.  My son was a witness in my case.  After the court date, he said, “Mom she is nice and knowledgeable. I like her” [referring to Gayle].  Gayle made my son feel comfortable during trial though he was extremely nervous and upset about the actions of my employer.  I call her “Gayle” not “Ms. Loftis” or “Esq”, because she is not just my lawyer, but my friend.

3. Honest –

Gayle provides an honest assessment of your case and claims - both the good and the bad.  If she believes that the client would be better served by a different attorney that practices in another area of the law, she will refer the client to the attorney she feels can best serve the client. She does not take a case to simply make money.

There are lawyers that project an arrogance which does not permit them to consider suggestions from the client and to listen to their views on the facts or to insights the client may have.  Those attorneys cannot relate to their clients.  On the other hand, Gayle will discuss the reports of experts and events in the case with you rather than talking down to you.  She is very approachable and human in her interaction with you.

Where some lawyer advertisements make it appear that they are the best lawyer in the world, in my book Gayle is the best!"

Helen Ford


Leaving no stone unturned in her client's defense

"Gayle has been my attorney since 1995.   In my opinion, she nurtures her cases and respects the opinions and thoughts of her clients.  Where other attorneys may walk out for reasons that are usually beneficial to only their personal Agendas, she is your warrior working to seek justice for you and leaving no stone unturned as she does so.  She has a well-founded reputation as a very strong adversary and is not intimated.  Her main goal is to right wrongs done to her clients, and to protect the rights of people who cannot speak for themselves.  With her energy, her clients find their voice - and they never lose it again.  She restores their dignity which is priceless."

Julie Maraziti Nolan